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I started investing in BTC back in 2015, got hooked, dug deeper into the rabbit hole, watched and read countless hours of content on decentralization, cypherpunks and cryptocurrencies. Decided to commit and work for this revolutionary technology and idea. Founded MOONETIZE in 2017 together with Ender Piyale.


  • ​is a crypto native consulting group that connects and helps thrive.

  • has served both investors and innovators.

  • guided many individuals and companies on how to enter crypto space, the road to self custody by opting out of traditional finance, and opting in an economy (decentralized finance) that has no boundaries and knows no nationalities.

    MOONETIZE is currently going through a restructuring, website will be back online by mid-Jan 2023.

As a seasoned professional in decentralized finance with a wealth of experience working with and for a variety of blockchain companies, I have developed a strong expertise in strategic partnerships, business development, and overall growth strategies. My past roles as the Head of BD & Growth Team for Huobi EU and a founding member of Huobi's Germany Department have allowed me to establish valuable resources and connections within the industry, including with projects, investors, and potential partnerships.

Some References

Huobi Global
Precog Finance
Mad Metaverse
Newton Project
Sonata AI


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